Firehose internal consumer used for audit

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Hydrant is a consumer for Software Factory's Firehose. It aims at storing events for later retrieval, allowing auditing.

Running and testing

Hydrant is tested against and runs on python 2.7 and python 3.5.

Install the requirements like this:

pip install -r requirements.txt

And to start hydrant, run

hydrant -c /path/to/config/file.yaml

The configuration file

Hydrant uses a yaml configuration file to define the mosquitto service to subscribe to, and the backend to publish to. See etc/hydrant.yaml for an example.


Hydrant is developped in Software Factory and contributions follow a review workflow.

To contribute:

  1. Log in once to Software Factory at
  2. Set up your ssh key in Gerrit's settings page
  3. Clone the project:
git clone ssh://<your_username>
  1. Set up git review
cd hydrant && git review -s
  1. Work on your feature, make a commit, then send the review
git commit -m'my feature' && git review