preset: move arp-ethers to the rest of the network services
diff --git a/90-default.preset b/90-default.preset
index cc0bdfa..7f6024d 100644
--- a/90-default.preset
+++ b/90-default.preset
@@ -3,14 +3,14 @@
 # System stuff
 enable sshd.service
-enable atd.service
-enable crond.service
+enable atd.*
+enable crond.*
 enable chronyd.service
 enable rpcbind.*
 enable NetworkManager.service
 enable auditd.service
 enable restorecond.service
-enable bluetooth.service
+enable bluetooth.*
 enable avahi-daemon.*
 enable cups.*
@@ -28,6 +28,9 @@
 enable xinetd.service
 enable ladvd.service
+enable arp-ethers.service
 # Probably something to statically enable
 enable firstboot-graphical.service
@@ -43,18 +46,15 @@
 enable mdmonitor-takeover.service
 # Hardware
-enable gpm.service
-enable gpsd.service
+enable gpm.*
+enable gpsd.*
 enable irqbalance.service
 enable lm_sensors.service
-enable mcelog.service
-enable acpid.service
+enable mcelog.*
+enable acpid.*
 enable smartd.service
 enable pcscd.*
-enable arp-ethers.service
 # Other stuff
 enable abrtd.service
 enable abrt-ccpp.service