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Quay on Podman

Ansible playbook to deploy Quay and it's dependencies on top of Podman.

How to use

Update the settings.yml provided in the repo

$ vim settings.yml

Run the playbook

$ ansible-playbook dci-quay.yml -e @settings.yml

Systemd units

After the run of the playbook, one systemd unit per service has been generated and is running.

$ systemctl list-units|grep quay
  dci-quay.service                loaded active running   DCI Quay container
  quay-postgresql.service         loaded active running   DCI PostgreSQL container
  quay-redis.service              loaded active running   DCI Redis container

Each service correspond to a podman container.

$ podman ps
CONTAINER ID  IMAGE                                     COMMAND         CREATED         STATUS             NAMES
032d7c20f79b  quay.io/projectquay/quay                  registry        17 minutes ago  Up 17 minutes ago  dci-quay
cb6065b578b5  registry.redhat.io/rhel8/postgresql-10:1  run-postgresql  10 hours ago    Up 10 hours ago    dci-quay-postgresql
2a9babe87c67  registry.redhat.io/rhel8/redis-6:latest   run-redis       10 hours ago    Up 10 hours ago    dci-quay-redis

Access Quay dashboard