An Ansible role that retrieve DCI component

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An Ansible role that retrieve DCI component.


This role relies on python-dciclient and dci-ansible.

If those are not installed, they should be installed before using this role.

Also yum-utils should be installed.

Role Variables

Variable nameRequiredDefaultTypeDescription
dci_retrieve_component_component_idTrueN/AUUIDID of the component to retrieve
dci_retrieve_component_component_nameFalseN/AStringName of the component directory on disk
dci_retrieve_component_local_repoTrueN/APathPath where to store the component locally
dci_retrieve_component_repo_urlFalsehttps://repo.distributed-ci.ioURLURL where the components are stored
dci_retrieve_component_sslclientcertFalse/etc/ssl/repo/dci.crtPathPath to the DCI client certificate
dci_retrieve_component_sslclientkeyFalse/etc/ssl/repo/dci.keyPathPath to the DCI client key
dci_retrieve_component_sslverifyFalseyesBoolWether to verify the certificate of dci_retrieve_component_repo_url
dci_retrieve_component_archFalsex86_64StringProcessor architecture to synchronize via reposync


- hosts: localhost
    dci_retrieve_component_component_id: XXX
    dci_retrieve_component_component_name: XXX # Optional, if not present take the topic name
    dci_retrieve_component_local_repo: /var/www/html
    - dci-retrieve-component

To download an alternative architecture than the current one.

- hosts: localhost
    - name: Retrieve component
        dci_retrieve_component_component_id: XXX
        dci_retrieve_component_local_repo: /var/www/html
        dci_retrieve_component_arch: ppc64le
        name: dci-retrieve-component


Apache 2.0

Author Information

Distributed-CI Team