Using ARA to inspect SF playbooks runs


ARA provides a web interface to inspect Ansible playbook runs like the health-check tests. Using it during development is a good idea. Here are the steps to install it:

sudo yum install
sudo yum install ara
sudo yum remove sf-release-2.6.0

If you already installed the sf-release package (will be the case if sf-ci script ran before) then you might need to run yum downgrade instead.

Prepare the environment variables for ARA

The script handles that for you but in case you want to run commands directly without this script, you must export the following variables to configure ARA callbacks in Ansible:

export ara_location=$(python -c "import os,ara; print(os.path.dirname(ara.__file__))")
export ANSIBLE_CALLBACK_PLUGINS=$ara_location/plugins/callbacks
export ANSIBLE_ACTION_PLUGINS=$ara_location/plugins/actions
export ANSIBLE_LIBRARY=$ara_location/plugins/modules

User Interface

ara-manage runserver -h -p 55666

Then connect to