BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterRebase Zuul patch on master puppet-zuulFabien Boucher5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-09-04Rebase Zuul patch on master puppet-zuulHEADmasterFabien Boucher
2015-09-04Rebase Jenkins patches on master puppet-jenkinsFabien Boucher
2015-09-04Use new patches 60/1260/3 and 66/1266/2Fabien Boucher
2015-09-04Install an upstream git remote when initialising the cloneFabien Boucher
2015-09-04Fix basedir to allow tools scripts to be run from top dirFabien Boucher
2015-09-04Use previously contributed patch for puppet-httpdFabien Boucher
2015-09-04Modify to allow re-run test (deploy + test) w/o wipeFabien Boucher
2015-09-04Use new patch 82/1282/1 for puppet-zuul + Bump to 0.8.0Fabien Boucher
2015-09-04Add scriptFabien Boucher
2015-09-03Add script update-patches.shFabien Boucher