BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
2.4mangesf/storyboard: Add validation constraint for max len of project and proj...Fabien Boucher3 years
2.5Update .gitreview to 2.5Fabien Boucher3 years
3.3resources: fallback to commit^1 when prev commit doesn't existsTristan Cacqueray14 months
3.4configurations: add zuul/skip optionTristan Cacqueray3 months
3.5resources: fatal: unrecognized argument: -qFabien Boucher10 days
masterresources: fatal: unrecognized argument: -qFabien Boucher2 weeks
0.24.0commit 3d14544bcc...Tristan Cacqueray10 days
0.23.1commit 754284ac37...Tristan Cacqueray3 months
0.23.0commit 964ea6e06a...Tristan Cacqueray8 months
0.22.0commit f2d0aa798d...Tristan Cacqueray11 months
0.21.1commit 581f3040df...SF initial configurator14 months
0.21.0commit 9efe270209...SF initial configurator15 months
0.19.2commit ca44300e75...Tristan Cacqueray19 months
0.20.0commit cb963f2fd5...Tristan Cacqueray20 months
0.19.1commit 126298c93b...Tristan Cacqueray20 months
0.19.0commit d2c3c00690...SF initial configurator21 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-07-29resources: fatal: unrecognized argument: -qHEAD0.24.0masterFabien Boucher
2020-07-06User update: unquote arguments passed in the query pathMatthieu Huin
2020-05-21gerrit: ensure email is decoded before updating user accountsTristan Cacqueray
2020-05-12Prepare managesf for keycloak supportMatthieu Huin
2020-05-06configurations: add zuul/skip optionTristan Cacqueray
2020-03-24Add test for extra config options in resources aclsMatthieu Huin
2020-03-20configurations: refactor get_resources usage and detect failureTristan Cacqueray
2020-03-20resources: ignore unicode errors in head commit printTristan Cacqueray
2020-03-13Switching Fedora runc nodeset to poddanpawlik
2020-02-07Remove Storyboard-related codeMatthieu Huin