BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterMerge dci-molecule and dci-molecule-el8Haikel Guemar34 hours
AgeCommit messageAuthor
34 hoursMerge dci-molecule and dci-molecule-el8HEADmasterHaikel Guemar
9 daysrun dci-pipeline tests in dci-dev-env jobFrederic Lepied
11 daysmolecule: only start docker service on EL7Haikel Guemar
2020-06-26Merge "Stick to ansible-2.9.9 for now"Zuul CI
2020-06-26Stick to ansible-2.9.9 for nowFran├žois Charlier
2020-06-19dci-rpm-build-with-doc: set zuul_log_url variableHaikel Guemar
2020-06-18Include set-zuul-log-path-factHaikel Guemar
2020-06-18Add zuul_log_url definition in rpm jobsHaikel Guemar
2020-06-18Attempt to publish artifacts correctly through zuul_returnHaikel Guemar
2020-06-03Add required dci-openshift-agent project from dci-rpm-build-with-doc jobGuillaume Vincent