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masterRemove nginxpasswordGuillaume Vincent3 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-06-26Remove nginxpasswordHEADmasterGuillaume Vincent
2020-06-26Merge "restart all services for dci-control-server"Zuul CI
2020-06-26restart all services for dci-control-serverFrançois Charlier
2020-06-26Merge "Set more realistic sqlalchemy pool size"Zuul CI
2020-06-24Set more realistic sqlalchemy pool sizeFrançois Charlier
2020-06-24Remove unused settingsGuillaume Vincent
2020-06-24Move UMB env variables to fileGuillaume Vincent
2020-06-22Add UMB dataGuillaume Vincent
2020-05-12Remove leftovers of sensu documentationFrançois Charlier
2020-05-04httpd logging: all log files should end with "log"François Charlier