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masterAdd required vars to be able to deploy everythingFrançois Charlier7 weeks
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2020-06-24Add required vars to be able to deploy everythingHEADmasterFrançois Charlier
2020-06-23Add missing vars to allow running the playbookFrançois Charlier
2020-05-13remove '-' in front of apache_exporter options after update in the apache_exp...François Charlier
2020-05-13Update defaults to work correctlyFrançois Charlier
2016-07-19explain how to install the dependenciesGonéri Le Bouder
2016-06-13Update title in documentationYolanda Robla
2016-03-17metrics: Add hosts definitions for metrics systemYanis Guenane
2016-03-04variable: add sensu users passwordYanis Guenane
2016-02-17Initial commitYanis Guenane
2016-02-09ManageSF commitadmin