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masteropenstack: Move region from nova to regionOneYanis Guenane2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-07-30openstack: Move region from nova to regionOneHEADmasterYanis Guenane
2018-07-30Support attachement of 1 or N security groupsYanis Guenane
2018-07-30amazon,openstack: Add support for dedicated networkYanis Guenane
2018-07-26Amazon: add supportYanis Guenane
2018-07-17[tests] vultr: Wait for 5 minutes before destroying the VMYanis Guenane
2018-07-16Use inventory/hosts to run testsYanis Guenane
2018-07-13Add LICENSE + state notionYanis Guenane
2018-07-13Adding + meta/Yanis Guenane
2018-07-13Initial commitYanis Guenane
2018-07-12ManageSF commitadmin