AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-08-13Molecule: use podman by default and run both EL7/8HEADmasterHaikel Guemar
2019-11-16Add rhsm cert repo for RHEL-8François Charlier
2019-11-05Fix pipefail shell mistakesjabasti
2019-10-29Copy tempest.conf to /etc/tempestSteven
2019-02-25Multi host supportMartin Kopec
2019-02-12Add molecule configurationDimitri Savineau
2019-02-12Fix ansible lintDimitri Savineau
2019-02-12Fix yaml syntaxDimitri Savineau
2018-11-06Remove deprecated squash actionsDimitri Savineau
2018-07-23spec: Update summary fieldDimitri Savineau
2018-07-18tasks/main: Fix baremetal conditionalDimitri Savineau
2018-07-10Openstack and Baremetal packages are exclusiveDimitri Savineau
2018-07-10Replace platform(s) by program(s)Dimitri Savineau
2018-07-04use rhcert-ci to do the clean upGonéri Le Bouder
2018-06-27README: Update doc with latest variables.Dimitri Savineau
2018-06-12Expose another variable, fix READMEMartin Kopec
2018-06-05Add support for trusted_containerDimitri Savineau
2018-06-04Merge "Use jinja2 file extension for template"Zuul CI
2018-05-31Adding configuration for baremetalDimitri Savineau
2018-05-18Adding support for baremetal testing tags+testAnshul Behl
2018-05-11Use jinja2 file extension for templateDimitri Savineau
2018-05-07director: Add overcloud_node_ip variableDimitri Savineau
2018-05-04Merge "Use rhcert-cli clean instead of rhcert-ci"Zuul CI
2018-04-30Use rhcert-cli clean instead of rhcert-ciMartin Kopec
2018-04-27RHSM: Add retries/delayDimitri Savineau
2018-04-24--tag argument can appear only once in one callMartin Kopec
2018-04-16call all the tests in the same runGonéri Le Bouder
2018-04-12Fixed rhcert-ci run with --test argumentmaveric-tellrv
2018-04-11Merge "Edit infrared vars, copy repo task"Zuul CI
2018-04-10Edit infrared vars, copy repo taskMartin Kopec
2018-04-08Fix the call of rhcert-ciMartin Kopec
2018-04-03Adding support for ironic testing tags+testAnshul Behl
2018-03-26Merge "Add a new infrared parameter"Zuul CI
2018-03-23Merge "give the ability to skip the rhsm registration"Zuul CI
2018-03-23Add a new infrared parameterMartin Kopec
2018-03-22give the ability to skip the rhsm registrationGonéri Le Bouder
2018-03-07Infrared integrationMartin Kopec
2018-01-26trace the commands used to call rhcertGonéri Le Bouder
2018-01-19Work around for BZ1536205Gonéri Le Bouder
2018-01-17Fixed typo in main.ymlAditya Konarde
2017-08-02Merge "parametrize the target directory"Jenkins CI
2017-08-02Merge "rename the local result file: certification.xml.gz"Jenkins CI
2017-08-02Merge "fix: install rhosp-release when available"Jenkins CI
2017-08-01parametrize the target directoryGonéri Le Bouder
2017-07-28rename the local result file: certification.xml.gzGonéri Le Bouder
2017-07-19Merge "add the ability to reuse a tempest.conf file"Jenkins CI
2017-07-18fix: install rhosp-release when availableGonéri Le Bouder
2017-07-18add the ability to reuse a tempest.conf fileGonéri Le Bouder
2017-07-10Use archive moduleDimitri Savineau
2017-07-07Merge "ensure rhosp-release is installed"Jenkins CI