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masterAlways request & write new client certFran├žois Charlier8 months
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2019-11-26Always request & write new client certHEADmasterFran├žois Charlier
2019-02-08molecule: Add testsDimitri Savineau
2019-02-08Add molecule configurationDimitri Savineau
2019-02-08Fix yaml syntaxDimitri Savineau
2018-11-13Add variables for SSL client pathDimitri Savineau
2018-11-02Don't compare boolean to True/FalseDimitri Savineau
2018-06-27Small improvementsYanis Guenane
2018-06-19Refacto of the existing code.Yanis Guenane
2018-04-27Initial CommitCedric LECOMTE
2018-04-23ManageSF commitadmin