BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterAdd extended_hash to versions.csv outputJavier Pena2 weeks
0.15.3commit c6d0e1e886...Javier Pena3 weeks
0.15.2commit bfc21fc7ac...Javier Pena3 weeks
0.15.1commit 668b47ccd2...Javier Pena8 weeks
0.15.0commit ae8293ee8b...Javier Pena2 months
0.14.0commit 41415dc9d6...Javier Pena4 months
0.13.2commit 841cdc3717...Javier Pena5 months
0.13.1commit b2d76bd9db...Javier Pena5 months
0.13.0commit db37d932ca...Javier Pena5 months
0.12.0commit 3fc100a48d...Javier Pena7 months
0.11.1commit 6dbda440fa...Javier Pena11 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-06-29Add extended_hash to versions.csv outputHEADmasterJavier Pena
2020-06-24Ensure python3 is used for upload-pypi job0.15.3Javier Pena
2020-06-24Honor the --local switch in the downstream driver0.15.2Javier Pena
2020-06-23Move tox-py36 tests to use CentOS 8Javier Pena
2020-06-11Use CentOS 8 for oooq build jobJavier Pena
2020-05-20Do not blindly add lines to the spec in build_srpm.sh0.15.1Javier Pena
2020-05-20Improve Puppet Openstack module detection in build_srpm.shJavier Pena
2020-05-13Fixes for CentOS 7 jobsJavier Pena
2020-05-06Add promotion hash purge to dlrn-purge0.15.0Javier Pena
2020-05-06Create hashed directories also for current/consistent symlinksJavier Pena