software-factory/uthash-distgituthash package imported from epel3 years
software-factory/wait4serviceSimple wait4service pre start hook3 years
software-factory/yamllint-distgitThe yamllint package3 years
software-factory/zookeeper-lite-distgitThe zookeeper-lite package3 years
software-factory/zuul-clientAttempt at separating Zuul's CLI from the main repository16 months
software-factory/zuul-haskellA zuul client library3 weeks
software-factory/zuul-stats-clientA Python client for Zuul stats13 days
spielbashTool to automate bash movie-making with asciinema. Be the Spielberg of bash.3 years
swiftbackmeupAn utility that allows one to create items backups and upload them to OpenStack ...5 months
tdpw/python-readerlibPython library of the Reader project17 months
tdpw/python-readerlib-distgitRPM packaging for python-readerlib17 months
tdpw/tdpw-infotdpw Distribution info repository3 years
tdpw/tdpw-installerThe installer for the tdpw RPM Distribution17 months
test2Test project can be deleted
third-party-ci-configThird party ci config19 hours
third-party-ci-jobsThird party ci jobs2 weeks
tp-ci-centosA third party CI on centos3 years
wgetrrecursive http download3 years
www.softwarefactory-project.ioThe project website37 hours
zuul-images-jobsThe zuul-images-jobs test project5 weeks
zuul-jobsThe repository copy38 hours