dci-openshift-app-agentDCI Agent for Openshift Application6 days
dci-openstack-agentDCI Agent for OpenStack6 weeks
dci-openstack-agent-dataOpenStack agent configuration files for CI platform19 months
dci-packagingScripts to ease DCI packaging8 weeks
dci-pipelineDCI Pipeline38 hours
dci-releaseSpec file for DCI repository configuration24 months
dci-rhel-agentDCI Agent for RHEL12 days
dci-rhos-mirrorScript to synchronize RHOS mirrors3 years
dci-specsRepo to host specs as they are proposed2 years
dci-sshpubkeysSSH Public Keys of the DCI team members2 weeks
dci-testThis is a test project for zuulv3 pipelines3 years
dci-uiThe client ui for the dci control server14 days
dci-umbDCI umb daemon listener3 months
debtorTechnical Debt rating for source rpm4 months
demo-sf-tripleo-helperDemonstrate OSP installation via SF3 years
distroinfodistroinfo - packaging distribution metadata parser7 weeks
dlrnapi_clientPython client for the DLRN API5 months
docker-auth-distgitdocker-auth packages for DCI repositories12 months
exzuulExperiment Zuul on an easy to start platform3 years
fedora-test/fedinfoPkg and koji environment info3 years
fedora-test/systemd-distgitSystemd test distgit3 years
graffitigraffiti Koji builds tag manager6 months
infra-virtCI your OpenStack3 years
javagoTBD3 years
logreduceextract anomaly from log files6 weeks
logreduce-testslogreduce evaluation framework21 months
poc-int-test-infraA test POC for infra integration tests3 years
ptest/test1Test project can be deleted
python-dciauthA python auth module for DCI8 weeks
python-dciclientA python client for DCI4 weeks
python-sfrdoA tool to import/create/manage project for rdo packaging style3 years
python-tripleo-helperA Python library to drive a TripleO based installer3 years
rdopkgrdopkg - RPM packaging automation tool6 days
repoxplorerRepoXplorer is a small stats and charts utility for GIT repositories41 hours
repoxplorer-configConfiguration of repoxplorer instance3 years
restfuzzREST API test utility9 months
review-cornerA place to perform pre-review of stuff3 years
rpmreqrpmreq - RPM dependency tree parser and explorer5 months
rpms/acme-tinyA tiny script to issue and renew TLS certs from Let's Encrypt.13 days
rpms/ansibleansible package3 weeks
rpms/ansible-lintansible-lint package11 months
rpms/araara package9 months
rpms/bashatebashate package11 months
rpms/cczefast log colorizer3 weeks
rpms/dhalldhall package3 weeks
rpms/diskimage-builderdiskimage-builder package7 weeks
rpms/dlrndlrn package11 months
rpms/dlrnapi-clientdlrnapi-client package11 months
rpms/doc8doc8 package11 months
rpms/etherpadetherpad package11 months