configConfig repository23 hours
software-factory/shake-factoryShake functions to manage project23 hours
software-factory/dhall-zuulThe zuul configuration dhall binding27 hours
ansible-role-openstack-certificationAn Ansible role to automate the openstack certification process28 hours
dci-openshift-agentDCI Agent for Openshift30 hours
ansible-role-dci-import-keysAn Ansible role that import keys for DCI Agent30 hours
ansible-role-dci-rhel-certificationAn Ansible role that launch certification for RHEL31 hours
ansible-role-dci-rhel-ckiAn Ansible role that launch CKI for RHEL32 hours
ansible-role-beakerAn Ansible role for Beaker ( )33 hours
ansible-role-dci-sync-registryAn Ansible role that sync DCI registry47 hours
ansible-role-dci-rhel-ubiAn Ansible role that mirror UBI for RHEL2 days
ansible-role-dci-retrieve-componentAn Ansible role that retrieve DCI component2 days
dci-configThe DCI zuulv3 config2 days
software-factory/sf-infrainfra repository to store infra deployment playbooks2 days
third-party-ci-configThird party ci config2 days
dci-jobsThe DCI zuulv3 jobs3 days
rpms/repoxplorerrepoxplorer package3 days
software-factory/sf-configThe software-factory sfconfig3 days
www.softwarefactory-project.ioThe project website3 days
dci-pipelineDCI Pipeline3 days
software-factory/dhall-containerfileThe Containerfile configuration dhall binding3 days
zuul-jobsThe repository copy3 days
software-factory/dhall-software-factoryThe software factory resources configuration dhall binding3 days
repoxplorerRepoXplorer is a small stats and charts utility for GIT repositories3 days
software-factory/dhall-ansibleThe ansible configuration dhall binding7 days
rdopkgrdopkg - RPM packaging automation tool8 days
dci-openshift-app-agentDCI Agent for Openshift Application8 days
software-factory/sf-docsThe software-factory documentation9 days
DLRNDLRN Continuous Delivery platform for OpenStack Packages9 days
software-factory/sf-ciThe software-factory testing framework10 days
dci-control-serverDistributed-CI Control-Server11 days
software-factory/sfinfoThe software factory distribution info11 days
software-factory/sf-releaseThe software-factory release package11 days
software-factory/ansible-fmtA yaml formatter11 days
dci-rhel-agentDCI Agent for RHEL14 days
software-factory/sfinfo-haskellA sfinfo client library2 weeks
rpms/acme-tinyA tiny script to issue and renew TLS certs from Let's Encrypt.2 weeks
software-factory/hydrantFirehose internal consumer used for audit2 weeks
software-factory/zuul-stats-clientA Python client for Zuul stats2 weeks
dci-uiThe client ui for the dci control server2 weeks
dci-downloaderDCI downloader2 weeks
software-factory/managesfA python library used to centralize management of services deployed under Softwa...2 weeks
third-party-ci-jobsThird party ci jobs2 weeks
software-factory/pypi-haskellA pypi client library2 weeks
rpms/zuul-executor-ansible-27zuul-executor-ansible-27 package2 weeks
rpms/zuul-executor-ansible-29zuul-executor-ansible-29 package2 weeks
rpms/zuul-executor-ansible-28zuul-executor-ansible-28 package2 weeks
dci-sshpubkeysSSH Public Keys of the DCI team members3 weeks
rpms/zuul-jobszuul-jobs package3 weeks
rpms/nodepoolnodepool package3 weeks