ansible/ansible-cloudAnsible modules to provide cloud-agnostic features.2 years
software-factory/software-factory-atomAtom package for integration with Software Factory3 years
software-factory/zuul-clientAttempt at separating Zuul's CLI from the main repository16 months
dci-infraBunch of ansible modules to manage dci public infra7 weeks
infra-virtCI your OpenStack3 years
software-factory/python-sfmanagerClient side of ManageSF for managing Software Factory3 months
configConfig repository32 hours
repoxplorer-configConfiguration of repoxplorer instance3 years
scl/Cython-distgitCython package2 years
dci-cnf-agentDCI Agent for CNF6 weeks
dci-kni-agentDCI Agent for Kubernetes Native Infrastructure11 months
dci-openstack-agentDCI Agent for OpenStack6 weeks
dci-openshift-agentDCI Agent for Openshift3 days
dci-openshift-app-agentDCI Agent for Openshift Application7 days
dci-rhel-agentDCI Agent for RHEL12 days
dci-ansibleDCI Ansible modules and callback4 weeks
dci-dev-envDCI Developement environment5 weeks
dci-pipelineDCI Pipeline38 hours
dci-downloaderDCI downloader14 days
dci-umbDCI umb daemon listener3 months
dci-elasticDCI with elasticsearch15 months
DLRNDLRN Continuous Delivery platform for OpenStack Packages8 days
demo-sf-tripleo-helperDemonstrate OSP installation via SF3 years
dci-control-serverDistributed-CI Control-Server9 days
exzuulExperiment Zuul on an easy to start platform3 years
software-factory/hydrantFirehose internal consumer used for audit13 days
software-factory/firehooksFirehose listener used to trigger complex hooks on events5 months
dci-gpgpubkeyGPG Public Keys for package signing3 years
scl/GitPython-distgitGitPython package21 months
sf-jobsLocal job repository7 weeks
software-factory/keycloak-event-listener-mqttMQTT event listener & publisher plugin for Keycloak4 months
dci-openstack-agent-dataOpenStack agent configuration files for CI platform19 months
fedora-test/fedinfoPkg and koji environment info3 years
sf-runcPoC of runc/ocitool CI3 years
dlrnapi_clientPython client for the DLRN API5 months
tdpw/python-readerlibPython library of the Reader project17 months
restfuzzREST API test utility9 months
tdpw/python-readerlib-distgitRPM packaging for python-readerlib17 months
software-factory/software-factoryRecreating software-factory repo per TG23559 months
dci-specsRepo to host specs as they are proposed2 years
repoxplorerRepoXplorer is a small stats and charts utility for GIT repositories42 hours
dci-sshpubkeysSSH Public Keys of the DCI team members2 weeks
software-factory/keycloak-github-ssh-key-attribute-mapperSSH key attribute mapper plugin for Keycloak4 months
dci-rhos-mirrorScript to synchronize RHOS mirrors3 years
dci-packagingScripts to ease DCI packaging8 weeks
software-factory/shake-factoryShake functions to manage project2 days
software-factory/wait4serviceSimple wait4service pre start hook3 years
software-factory/sf-elementsSoftware Factory disk-image-builder elements14 months
sf-issues-migrationSoftware Factory issue tracker migration tool3 years
dci-releaseSpec file for DCI repository configuration24 months