software-factory/pynotedbA NoteDb helper library8 days
software-factory/zuul-stats-clientA Python client for Zuul stats2 months
python-tripleo-helperA Python library to drive a TripleO based installer4 years
sf-docker-pocA Software Factory that run on top of Docker4 years
software-factory/sf-desktop-notificationsA desktop notifier for events on the firehose3 years
software-factory/gerrit-haskellA gerrit client library2 months
review-cornerA place to perform pre-review of stuff4 years
software-factory/podman-haskellA podman client library2 months
software-factory/pypi-haskellA pypi client library2 months
python-dciauthA python auth module for DCI3 months
python-dciclientA python client for DCI2 weeks
software-factory/managesfA python library used to centralize management of services deployed under Softwa...9 days
software-factory/ansible-role-umb-publisherA role to publish umb message9 months
software-factory/purgelogsA script to remove logs2 weeks
software-factory/sfinfo-haskellA sfinfo client library2 months
software-factory/ochleroA simple systemd monitor sending events to an MQTT queue3 years
poc-int-test-infraA test POC for infra integration tests4 years
tp-ci-centosA third party CI on centos4 years
rpms/acme-tinyA tiny script to issue and renew TLS certs from Let's Encrypt.2 months
python-sfrdoA tool to import/create/manage project for rdo packaging style4 years
software-factory/npmfedA tool to manage npm24 months
software-factory/ansible-fmtA yaml formatter8 weeks
software-factory/zuul-haskellA zuul client library2 months
ansible-playbook-dci-beakerAn Ansible playbook to install and configure an all-in-one beaker lab20 months
ansible-role-beakerAn Ansible role for Beaker ( )5 weeks
ansible/ansible-role-cloud-sshkeyAn Ansible role for managing SSH key on the Cloud in an agnostic cloud provider ...2 years
ansible/ansible-role-cloud-securitygroupAn Ansible role for managing Security Groups on the Cloud in an agnostic cloud p...2 years
ansible/ansible-role-cloud-firewallruleAn Ansible role for managing firewall rules on the Cloud in an agnostic cloud pr...2 years
ansible/ansible-role-cloud-networkAn Ansible role for managing networks on the Cloud in an agnostic cloud provider...2 years
ansible/ansible-role-swiftbackmeupAn Ansible role for managing swiftbackmeup2 years
ansible/ansible-role-cloud-serverAn Ansible role for managing virtual machines on the Cloud in an agnostic cloud ...2 years
ansible/ansible-role-cloud-volumeAn Ansible role for managing volumes on the Cloud in an agnostic cloud provider ...2 years
ansible/ansible-role-httpdAn Ansible role for the Apache HTTPD Webserver3 years
ansible/ansible-role-grafanaAn Ansible role for the Grafana dashboard server4 months
ansible/ansible-role-prometheus-alertmanagerAn Ansible role for the Prometheus AlertManager server4 months
ansible/ansible-role-prometheus-apache-exporterAn Ansible role for the Prometheus apache exporter5 months
ansible/ansible-role-prometheus-blackbox-exporterAn Ansible role for the Prometheus blackbox exporter5 months
ansible/ansible-role-prometheus-node-exporterAn Ansible role for the Prometheus node exporter3 years
ansible/ansible-role-prometheus-serverAn Ansible role for the Prometheus server5 months
ansible-role-dci-import-keysAn Ansible role that import keys for DCI Agent7 weeks
ansible-role-dci-rhel-ckiAn Ansible role that launch CKI for RHEL7 weeks
ansible-role-dci-rhel-certificationAn Ansible role that launch certification for RHEL7 weeks
ansible-role-dci-rhel-ubiAn Ansible role that mirror UBI for RHEL7 weeks
ansible-role-dci-retrieve-componentAn Ansible role that retrieve DCI component7 weeks
ansible-role-dci-sync-registryAn Ansible role that sync DCI registry7 weeks
ansible-role-openstack-certificationAn Ansible role to automate the openstack certification process7 weeks
ansible-role-openstack-rallyAn Ansible role to install and configure Rally OpenStack test suite6 weeks
ansible-role-dci-ocp-imagesideloadAn Ansible role to load container images on each OCP nodes2 weeks
ansible-role-openstack-stackdumpAn Ansible role to run and retrieve tripleo-stack-dump result6 weeks
swiftbackmeupAn utility that allows one to create items backups and upload them to OpenStack ...6 months