ansible-role-openstack-certificationAn Ansible role to automate the openstack certification process8 months
ansible-role-openstack-rallyAn Ansible role to install and configure Rally OpenStack test suite3 years
ansible-role-openstack-stackdumpAn Ansible role to run and retrieve tripleo-stack-dump result3 years
ansible/ansible-cloudAnsible modules to provide cloud-agnostic features.23 months
ansible/ansible-role-cloud-firewallruleAn Ansible role for managing firewall rules on the Cloud in an agnostic cloud pr...24 months
ansible/ansible-role-cloud-networkAn Ansible role for managing networks on the Cloud in an agnostic cloud provider...23 months
ansible/ansible-role-cloud-securitygroupAn Ansible role for managing Security Groups on the Cloud in an agnostic cloud p...23 months
ansible/ansible-role-cloud-serverAn Ansible role for managing virtual machines on the Cloud in an agnostic cloud ...23 months
ansible/ansible-role-cloud-sshkeyAn Ansible role for managing SSH key on the Cloud in an agnostic cloud provider ...24 months
ansible/ansible-role-cloud-volumeAn Ansible role for managing volumes on the Cloud in an agnostic cloud provider ...23 months
ansible/arf-configThe Ansible Roles Factory zuulv3 config22 months
ansible/arf-jobsThe Ansible Roles Factory zuulv3 jobs2 years
dci-configThe DCI zuulv3 config2 weeks
dci-gpgpubkeyGPG Public Keys for package signing3 years
dci-infra-data-ciAnsible configuration files for CI platform3 weeks
dci-infra-monitoringAnsible configuration files for DCI Infra Monitoring platform4 weeks
dci-jobsThe DCI zuulv3 jobs3 weeks
dci-openstack-agent-dataOpenStack agent configuration files for CI platform18 months
dci-rhos-mirrorScript to synchronize RHOS mirrors3 years
dci-specsRepo to host specs as they are proposed2 years
dci-sshpubkeysSSH Public Keys of the DCI team members4 weeks
dci-testThis is a test project for zuulv3 pipelines2 years
debtorTechnical Debt rating for source rpm3 months
demo-sf-tripleo-helperDemonstrate OSP installation via SF3 years
exzuulExperiment Zuul on an easy to start platform3 years
fedora-test/fedinfoPkg and koji environment info3 years
fedora-test/systemd-distgitSystemd test distgit3 years
infra-virtCI your OpenStack3 years
javagoTBD3 years
logreduceextract anomaly from log files11 days
logreduce-testslogreduce evaluation framework20 months
poc-int-test-infraA test POC for infra integration tests3 years
ptest/test1Test project can be deleted
python-sfrdoA tool to import/create/manage project for rdo packaging style3 years
repoxplorer-configConfiguration of repoxplorer instance3 years
restfuzzREST API test utility8 months
review-cornerA place to perform pre-review of stuff3 years
rpms/python-colorlogcolorlog package8 months
rpms/python-devnestdevnest package8 months
rpms/python-jenkinsapijenkinsapi package8 months
rpms/python-terminaltablesterminaltables package8 months
scl/python-oauthlib-distgitpython-oauthlib package2 years
scl/python-requests-oauthlib-distgitpython-requests-oauthlib package2 years
sf-docker-pocA Software Factory that run on top of Docker3 years
sf-issues-migrationSoftware Factory issue tracker migration tool3 years
sf-runcPoC of runc/ocitool CI3 years
software-factory/node-exporter-distgitThe prometheus package11 months
spielbashTool to automate bash movie-making with asciinema. Be the Spielberg of bash.2 years
tdpw/python-readerlibPython library of the Reader project16 months
tdpw/python-readerlib-distgitRPM packaging for python-readerlib16 months