configConfig repository2 days
sf-jobsLocal job repository3 weeks
zuul-jobsThe repository copy5 weeks
ansible/ansible-role-grafanaAn Ansible role for the Grafana dashboard server10 days
ansible/ansible-role-httpdAn Ansible role for the Apache HTTPD Webserver2 years
ansible/ansible-role-prometheus-alertmanagerAn Ansible role for the Prometheus AlertManager server2 years
ansible/ansible-role-prometheus-apache-exporterAn Ansible role for the Prometheus apache exporter3 weeks
ansible/ansible-role-prometheus-blackbox-exporterAn Ansible role for the Prometheus blackbox exporter3 weeks
ansible/ansible-role-prometheus-node-exporterAn Ansible role for the Prometheus node exporter2 years
ansible/ansible-role-prometheus-serverAn Ansible role for the Prometheus server3 weeks
ansible/ansible-role-swiftbackmeupAn Ansible role for managing swiftbackmeup20 months
DLRNDLRN Continuous Delivery platform for OpenStack Packages2 weeks
dlrnapi_clientPython client for the DLRN API2 months
ansible-playbook-dci-beakerAn Ansible playbook to install and configure an all-in-one beaker lab16 months
ansible-role-beakerAn Ansible role for Beaker ( )7 months
ansible-role-dci-feedersAn Ansible role that deploys the necessary playbook for a host to act as a DCI f...2 years
ansible-role-dci-import-keysAn Ansible role that import keys for DCI Agent6 months
ansible-role-dci-rhel-ckiAn Ansible role that launch CKI for RHEL2 days
ansible-role-dci-sync-registryAn Ansible role that sync DCI registry8 months
dci-agentThe DCI agent3 years
dci-ansibleDCI Ansible modules and callback7 weeks
dci-control-serverDistributed-CI Control-Server5 weeks
dci-dev-envDCI Developement environment2 months
dci-docThe official documentation for the DCI project3 days
dci-downloaderDCI downloader3 weeks
dci-elasticDCI with elasticsearch13 months
dci-infraBunch of ansible modules to manage dci public infra4 weeks
dci-infra-data-quickstartAnsible configuration files for quickstart3 weeks
dci-kni-agentDCI Agent for Kubernetes Native Infrastructure9 months
dci-openshift-agentDCI Agent for Openshift3 days
dci-openstack-agentDCI Agent for OpenStack11 days
dci-packagingScripts to ease DCI packaging4 weeks
dci-releaseSpec file for DCI repository configuration21 months
dci-rhel-agentDCI Agent for RHEL10 days
dci-thirdparty-ciDCI thirdparty CI11 days
dci-uiThe client ui for the dci control server41 hours
dci-umbDCI umb daemon listener3 weeks
docker-auth-distgitdocker-auth packages for DCI repositories10 months
python-dciauthA python auth module for DCI7 weeks
python-dciclientA python client for DCI24 hours
python-tripleo-helperA Python library to drive a TripleO based installer3 years
swiftbackmeupAn utility that allows one to create items backups and upload them to OpenStack ...3 months
scl/Cython-distgitCython package2 years
scl/GitPython-distgitGitPython package18 months
scl/ansible-distgitansible package13 months
scl/ara-distgitara package10 months
scl/diskimage-builder-distgitdiskimage-builder package11 months
scl/dlrn-distgitdlrn package15 months
scl/dlrnapi-client-distgitdlrnapi-client package15 months
scl/enable-py3-distgitenable-py3 package18 months